Stereo Mastering is the final process of preparing music for distribution and broadcast. It is often described as the final step in post production. This is where levels are balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches and any other problems with the mix are ironed out. It is a quality monitoring process.


Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalisation, stereo enhancement, compression, controlled clipping and limiting.


Files for mastering should be in the highest available resolution (WAV or AIF at 24- or 32-Bit). We highly recommend removing any pre-mastering processing such as limiting/compressors from your master channel and keeping the highest peak-level at -6 dB or less. This gives us enough headroom for your diamond master.



Stems are very useful if you plan to have a balanced mix. Stem mixes are rendered sub groups of your mix. These discrete stems provide us the perfect flexibility. It allows you and the mix engineer to further fine tune the tone and balance the priority instruments during the mix session.


Why use stems?

Mastering from stem mixes is a more complex and time consuming process, however, the added flexibility that comes along with it often makes the investment well worth it. If stems are provided, it is time-saving and an easy way to adapt any changes of different groups. The project turnaround is much faster!

Recommended stem groups are: 

Stem 1 - Kick & Bass / Stem 2 - Cymbals / Stem 3 - Vocals / Stem 4 - Pads / Stem 5 - Synths / Stem 6 - Pluck Sounds / Stem 7 - FX / Stem 8 - Reverbs. Choose your sub groups.



Our mixing service will push your track to a shiny diamond. We have full control to edit each channel from your project individually to get a perfect professional balanced mixing for the including following mastering.

Please notice that this is not a stem mixing (stems are sub groups). This Mixing & Mastering is to mix & master each of your project channels to get a perfect professional balanced song.

Project mixing and mastering is a heavy time consuming process but the added flexibility makes the investment well worth it.



Our services come along with three revisions. This provides you the possibility to give your personal feedback to get the mix and mastering you want. 

If you want more revisions you can easily purchase additional in our shop.

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